A Desperate Quest. A Holy Relic. A Race Against Time. Spear of Destiny by J.F. Penn

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A Desperate Quest. A Holy Relic. A Race Against Time. Spear of Destiny by J.F. Penn

My next thriller, Spear of Destiny, is out now on Kickstarter, launching with a limited special signed First Edition with an exclusive cover.

In this video, I introduce you to Morgan Sierra and the adventure in the story, as well as show you the various editions available in the Kickstarter. There’s also a Discovery Writing webinar, which you might find interesting as a writer.

Hello everyone. I’m Jo Frances (J.F.) Penn, Award-winning, New York Times and USA today bestselling thriller author, and I’m launching my next novel, Spear of Destiny on Kickstarter.

Morgan Sierra is perhaps who I might have been in another life. She’s curious and loves traveling, and also likes saving the world and beating the bad guys.
But for now, I get to write her adventures in the ARKANE thrillers where Morgan and her team investigate supernatural mysteries around the world.

Spear of Destiny features Morgan and her secret agent partner Jake Timber, as they race against time to find the pieces of the legendary spear of destiny — the spear that pierced the side of Christ — before a general with an eye on the US presidency uses it to summon an ancient evil.

Along the way, they follow clues from Imperial Vienna to the Nazi bunkers under Nuremberg to a Tibetan temple and onto the heart of Washington, D.C., as Morgan and Jake face down enemies, both human and demonic, in their quest to find the spear before its terrible power is unleashed.

Morgan also seeks the spear for its fabled healing properties as her niece is under threat. So the story has both personal and world changing stakes. Spear of Destiny is book 13 in my ARKANE thriller series, but it can be read as a standalone story if you are just discovering the adventures.

ARKANE action adventure thriller series by J.F. Penn

There are also bundle deals available, so you can binge the entire series in paperback, ebook, or audiobook if you prefer.

Why do a Kickstarter for Spear of Destiny?

Well, I’ve never done a special edition for my fiction before, so I wanted to do this Kickstarter-only hardback edition, and it has silver foil on the dust jacket, as you can see, and also the interior cover.

Spear of Destiny Special edition

It has custom end papers, a black ribbon as a bookmark and color photos from my research in the author’s note. These will also be signed first editions, which I’ve never done for my fiction, and these will not be available after the Kickstarter.

You can also get the paperback, and there’s a large print edition, which you can see is a bigger edition with a bigger font size. You can also get the ebook and the audiobook, or if you are a writer, join me for a Webinar on Discovery Writing where I’ll go into my writing process.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you’ll join me for Spear of Destiny. Just go to www.jfpenn.com/destiny to find out more.

JF Penn with Spear of Destiny

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