Snapchat Adds New Personalization Features for All Users

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Snapchat has announced several new features designed to make user accounts more personalized. These updates, many of which are available now, cater to the app’s growing base of Snapchat+ subscribers and general users. Snapchat+ is a subscription service offering exclusive and pre-release features that enhance user experience. More than 9 million users have subscribed to Snapchat+, which allows them to connect more closely with friends, customize the app, and try the latest features first.

Snapchat+ subscribers now have access to new customization options. One of the standout features is the ability to design a personalized house on Snap Map. Users can create their unique “crib,” which is visible to them and friends who share their location on Snap Map. The customization options are extensive, ranging from realistic designs to whimsical creations like candy castles.

In addition to custom houses, subscribers can now include their pets in their Snapchat experience. Custom pets will appear next to users’ Bitmoji characters in both Snap Map and chat conversations, adding a fun and personalized touch to interactions with friends.

Snapchat+ subscribers can also send lightning-fast Snaps with new expiration options. Users can now choose to have their Snaps last for 0.10, 0.25, or 0.50 seconds before they disappear. This feature allows for more dynamic and quick exchanges with friends.

Snapchat has also introduced new features for all its users. One of the latest additions is a live “Mirror” feature in the Bitmoji Builder. This tool helps users select features that closely resemble their appearance, making it easier to create a Bitmoji that looks like them.

Additionally, Snapchat has launched new AI-powered Lenses, including the “My 5-Year-Old Self” Lens. This Lens uses artificial intelligence to show users what they might have looked like at five years old, providing a fun and nostalgic experience.

Snapchat continues to roll out new features for its subscriber community. To stay informed about the latest updates and available features, users can visit the Support Site. The company is committed to enhancing the user experience and providing innovative tools for personalization and connection.

Snapchat’s new features, particularly for Snapchat+ subscribers, offer exciting ways to personalize and enhance the app experience. From designing custom houses on Snap Map to including pets in chats, these updates make interactions more fun and unique. Additionally, features like the live “Mirror” and AI-powered Lenses add to the app’s appeal for all users. With continuous updates, Snapchat ensures its community stays engaged and enjoys the latest technological advancements.


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