Inside Our 100 Days Sprint

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Inside Our 100 Days Sprint

Here are the key projects we’re focused on:

Discord Community

Coaches frequently tell us that having a sense of camaraderie and a place to ‘talk shop’ are two of their top priorities. Through watercooler-casual channels, topic-based forums, and monthly challenges and events, our Discord community provides the daily fuel and connections to sustain a thriving coaching (and writing!) business.

AMA Series

In my earliest conversations, the biggest request was hearing stories from experienced coaches. We hosted an Ask-an Expert series every Thursday in September, and the recordings are chock-full of insightful ideas and recommendations.

Training Programs

Our Habit Coach Certification (HCC) program continues to be highly rated, and we’re adding another experienced trainer. Having coached over 1,000 clients virtually and being a certified habit-nerd, Malica Ahmad joined just in time for our 11th cohort starting November 28. Based on feedback from previous attendees, we’re trying a split schedule with more support during key inflection points. (Plus, it’s just in time to ride the natural momentum provided by the turn of the New Year!)

For more ambitious coaches, we’re putting the final touches on our new Accelerator Program. With master coach Ramon Williamson, this project will feature an insightful assessment and personalized roadmap, 1:1 mentoring, a supportive cohort, and an (incredibly valuable!) bonus for graduation. We can’t wait to share all the details soon.

Platform Upgrades

Our new Dev Team has climbed the steep learning curve and is ready to build for the future. Our first project is to update the Directory with new categories for Business, Creativity, and Chronic Illness. Next up on the product roadmap will be enhanced (and fun!) stats, a growth-focused coaching membership level, smoother calculations and payment processing, and more coaching tools.

Relaunching Enterprise Coaching 

With significant shifts in the way people work, we’ve seen emerging demand for coordinated coaching that helps remote workers and managers implement the key habits for strong performance and health. Already in beta, we’ll soon relaunch our Enterprise Program to match collaborative coaches with large client groups.

Sharing the Power of Habit Coaching

We pioneered digital habit-tracking, unlocked the scalable benefits of habit-coaching, and now it’s time to share our success stories. Our Better Humans publication will continue reaching over 350,000 readers, and we’re adding an easy-to-share daily email to demonstrate how habit-coaching makes such a positive impact. We’ll also be experimenting with product demos, interviews, and events for creating media that sparks engagement.

Want to keep getting the inside scoop?

Join us for an exclusive Q&A on November 3. You’ll get early access to new programs, marketing opportunities, and behind-the-scenes details on upcoming features.

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