3 Life Lessons You Should Learn from Someone with Schizophrenia

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3 Life Lessons You Should Learn from Someone with Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complex mental disorder, often misunderstood and stereotyped by many. Its main symptom is the inability to distinguish between fantasy and reality, and its causes are believed to be both environmental and genetic. According to the World Health Organization, (WHO) one in two people living with schizophrenia does not receive care. This is due to either lack of education on the mental illness or misconceptions about schizophrenia.

One of the most important things to note about schizophrenia is some it can either be mild schizophrenia or severe schizophrenia. However, whichever type of schizophrenia a person has, a lot can be learned from them.

Disability is not inability

Many people have looked at people with schizophrenia as abnormal and unable to do what others can. However, this notion has been quashed repeatedly by people who have looked at life beyond their condition.

Fredrick Frese is a psychologist with an experience of over 40 years, a PhD holder, former Marine Corps Officer, and a schizophrenia diagnosed patient. Frese was first treated at the Ohio Mental Hospital for delusions and paranoid schizophrenia when he was 25. Despite his disability, he was able to study and is now a Professor of Psychiatry at Northeast Ohio Medical University. This is one of the best examples that schizophrenia can be managed with the right medicine and support from mental health caregivers, family and friends.

Misconceptions about disability are many, and most people believe that those who face mental illness cannot manage the disease and live a normal life. However, Frese and many others live to prove this belief wrong.

There are different ways to view reality

Schizophrenics have their own way of viewing the world. They have a different perspective when looking at the world. They challenge what is seen as normal, offering another interesting perspective. This is exactly what most people need as overthinking issues makes problems look bigger.

In a story shared by a woman who has a schizophrenic elder brother, she says that her brother shows her that the world is not a nice place to live in but it is can be fascinating with a bit of imagination. She spends time talking to her brother about different things and says they have a great sibling bond. She further says they have sibling secrets between them. She views her brother as humorous and humble enough to admit his faults. This, she says, makes her see life differently.

While the journey to recovery is hard, schizophrenics show that with the right attitude and perspective one can overcome life’s hurdles. They teach that having a different perspective brings hope that better days will come.


To accomplish anything, discipline is crucial. Schizophrenics are some of the most efficient people in history and in the present world. Schizophrenics like American football player Lionel Aldridge, jazz musician Charles Buddy Bolden, guitarist Pete Greene and American mathematician John Nashhave shown great determination and discipline. This is evidenced by how successful they became in their careers.

Schizophrenics have to ensure that they continuously adhere to their medication and routines to avoid excessive behavior. A slight change in routine may cause destructive behavior. For example, a person suffering from schizophrenia and bipolar needs a certain amount of money in his or her purse to avoid over spending during a manic period. For schizophrenics, it is crucial to ensure that particular behavior is upheld and medication is always taken to avoid excessive behavior.

While strict adherence to routine may not be the norm for people without schizophrenia, some level of discipline in all aspects of life is required. They show that discipline is at the core of success.


Schizophrenics while being termed crazy or mad, teach us to see life differently; they show us how to add that zing to life. Stigma against those with schizophrenia is rife as people with the illness are poor, homeless, and unemployed. However, as shown, schizophrenia is a treatable mental illness and with love and support, those with schizophrenia can manage the mental illness and live a fruitful life. It will only call for the understanding of those around these victims. With a keen eye, we are bound to learn so much from these people; lessons that can help us shape our lives better.

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