Ergonomic Scissors for Your Business

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Fiskars Crafts Purpose Titanium Softgrip Fiskars Scissors

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Ergonomic scissors are critical for many industries ranging from manufacturing to healthcare, offices, craft businesses, education, and so on. They promote comfort and reduce the risk of injury. Generally, any business that uses scissors frequently can benefit from using ergonomic scissors.

Why Are Ergonomic Scissors Important for Small Businesses?

There are over 10 types of scissors, ranging from the popular paper scissors to hair-cutting and medical scissors. Ergonomic scissors are specifically designed to promote comfort, reduce the risk of injury, and increase productivity when engaging in repetitive cutting tasks. They usually feature specialized handle design, sharpness, and correct blade angle, and are highly adjustable.

Best Ergonomic Scissors

Finding the right ergonomic scissor can make all the difference in your cutting experience. Looking for the best ergonomic scissors for your business? Here are our top picks.

Fiskars Crafts Scissors – 3 Pack

Top Pick: These soft-grip scissors are great for all-purpose cutting at the office or at home. These scissors cut cleanly and stay sharp through heavy use thanks to the titanium-enhanced stainless steel blades. The soft grip touchpoints help to reduce hand fatigue while the sculpted finger loops provide excellent cutting control.

Fiskars Crafts Scissors

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LIVINGO All Purpose 8.5 Inch Scissors – 3 Pack

LIVINGO 8.5-INCH Scissors All Purpose, 3 Pack Ultra Sharp Blade Shears

Runner Up: Whether you are a crafter or just need a reliable pair of scissors, the LIVINGO ergonomic scissors are a perfect choice for you. These ergonomic scissors feature textured non-slip finger loops that make the super comfortable to use and also reduce finger fatigue. These scissors also use premium stainless steel that is three times tougher than normal stainless steel and is also super sharp having gone through 44 different kinds of grinding and sharpening processes. These versatile scissors are ideal for cutting through paper, tape, photos, light fabric, card stock, foil, burlap, canvas, thin cardboard, light ribbon, medium plastic, foam, poster board, and a variety of sewing and art craft materials.

LIVINGO All Purpose 8.5 Inch Scissors

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iBayam 8 Inch Multipurpose Scissors – 36 Pack

School Scissors Set of 36-Pack

Best Value: If you are looking for high-quality, affordable ergonomic scissors then look no further than these 8-inch scissors. Despite their affordability, these scissors feature all the features you are looking for in multi-purpose scissors. They feature a soft grip for comfort and also use durable stainless steel blades that allow for precise cuts and stay sharp for 100,000-plus cuts. They are perfect for both left and right-handed people.

iBayam 8 Inch Multipurpose Scissors

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Niutop 8-Inch All Purpose Scissors – 3 Pack

Pastel Scissors, Niutop 8-inch All Purpose Scissors

These scissors are three times tougher than stainless steel scissors and remain sharp for 100,000 cuts.  They use soft grip handles for ultimate comfort and are ideal for cutting paper, cardboard, fabric, and other materials.

Niutop 8-Inch All Purpose Scissors

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LIVINGO 9.5-Inch Premium Tailor Scissors

LIVINGO Premium Tailor Scissors Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Titanium Coating

Cut up to 16 layers of regular fabric using these strong and durable LIVINGO 9.5 inch tailor scissors. These scissors are made with anti-rust titanium and stainless steel, allowing them to stay sharp for up to 150,000 cuts. They are also lightweight and comfortable to handle.

LIVINGO 9.5-Inch Premium Tailor Scissors

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Amazon Basics Multipurpose Scissors – 3 Pack

Amazon Basics Multipurpose, Comfort Grip, PVD coated, Stainless Steel Office Scissors

These versatile 8-inch scissors are essential for cutting photos, fabric, paper, or cardboard. The PVD-coated blades remain sharp for over 100,000 cuts, surpassing standard stainless steel performance. The blade pivot adjusts easily for smooth, accurate, and efficient use. These scissors use a soft comfortable grip and can be used by both right- and left-handed users.

Amazon Basics Multipurpose Scissors

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Westcott 8-Inch Titanium Bonded Scissors

Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors, Soft Handle

These titanium-bonded blades provide three times the strength of classic stainless-steel blades. The ergonomic soft handles enhance comfort and control during use. Whether you are cutting a light ribbon, medium plastic, or heavy-duty boxes these will be the last scissors you will ever need.

Westcott 8-Inch Titanium Bonded Scissors

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Lux Care Professional Ergonomic Hair Scissors

Professional Grade Barber Scissors – Haircut Scissors

If you run a barber shop or hair salon, then these scissors are for you. They are easy to handle and feature super sharp blades that make them perfect for hair trimming. Almost no hair gets stuck between the blades. These ergonomic hair scissors boast an ergonomic design that allows for easy handling and precise grip for the perfect haircut.

Lux Care Professional Ergonomic Hair Scissors

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Fiskars Easy Action 8 Inch Fabric Scissors

Fiskars 12-99118697WJ Easy Action 8 Inch Fabric Scissors, White

The Fiskars 8-inch is the best ergonomic scissors for fabric. These award-winning scissors are ideal for cutting a wide variety of materials including silk, denim, and multiple layers of fabric. The spring-action design gently opens the blades after each cut reducing hand strain while cutting through a wide variety of materials. A side lock keeps the blades closed for safe storage.

Fiskars Easy Action 8 Inch Fabric Scissors

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Stanley 8 Inch All-Purpose Ergonomic Scissor – 2 Pack

Stanley 8 Inch All-Purpose Ergonomic Scissor

Get the legendary Stanley quality and performance in these all-purpose ergonomic scissors. These scissors feature cushioned grips and ergonomic handles for comfortable, stylish cutting. The defined edge blade angle and precision tip deliver a smooth and clean cutting experience.

Stanley 8 Inch All-Purpose Ergonomic Scissor

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What to Look for When Buying an Ergonomic Scissor

When looking for an ergonomic scissor, it is essential to consider factors such as the blade quality and length, ease of use, handle design and materials used, adjustability, and safety. Let’s look into some of these factors.

  • Handle design: Look for an ergonomic scissor with a handle design that fits comfortably in your hand and reduces the risk of repetitive strain injury. Most scissors will also specify whether they are for left-handed or right-handed people or both. Just make sure you are clear on this before buying.
  • Blade quality: Choose scissors with high-quality blades that will outlast thousands of cuts without getting blunt. Ensure your blade is made of premium stainless steel with hints of titanium if possible.
  • Adjustability: When buying ergonomic scissors, it’s important to look for a pair that can be adjusted for comfort. An adjustable scissor can also be used by multiple people, making it a good choice for a shared workspace.
  • Purpose: By now you probably know that not all scissors are made equal and for the same purpose. If you engage in a wide variety of cutting activities an all-purpose ergonomic scissor might be ideal. However, look for task-specific scissors as they will be more suited to the work that you are doing and might come with additional features that make your work way easy.


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