Discovering the Best Car Rental App The 11 Best Options in 2023

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Whether you’re planning a weekend road trip, need an economy-sized vehicle for an upcoming business meeting, or just need to get around for a few days in a different city, the best car rental apps can help.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 11 of the best car rental app options available in 2023 that will make sure your travels go smoothly and you arrive at your destination safely. Let’s get started!

What is the Best Car Rental App?

Turo is a leading car rental app in 2023, providing services in 56 countries and over 5,000 cities. With a wide selection of car models, easy communication with hosts, and the option to earn money by renting your own car, Turo stands out in the market. Renters benefit from affordable options, insurance savings, under-25 rental options, and a seamless pick-up/drop-off process. To get started, download the Turo app for Android and iOS.

How to Choose the Best Car Rental App

Choosing the right car rental app for your needs can be difficult. Here are four key criteria to consider when choosing a car rental app:

Cost of Rentals

When looking into car rental apps, the cost of renting a vehicle is one of the most important considerations. The cost should reflect your budget and needs, so make sure you’re getting a good deal at an affordable rate.

Range of Cars Available

Another factor to consider is the range of cars available. Look for an app that provides you with a wide selection of vehicles, from hatchbacks to luxury sedans, so you don’t have to settle for something that doesn’t fit your needs.

Quality and Reliability

The quality and reliability of any car rental app are essential when selecting one. Make sure that your chosen platform is reliable and has positive customer reviews. This will help ensure that you get the best experience possible when using their services.

User Interface & Experience

Finally, take note of the user interface and experience offered by each car rental app you investigate. Some apps may provide a better overall experience than others, from booking a vehicle quickly and easily to finding a specific kind of vehicle type in mere seconds.

The 11 Best Car Rental Apps to Consider

With so many options out there it can be overwhelming to find the right car rental app. Here’s a guide to the 11 best car rental apps that you should consider. Start exploring now and start your journey with confidence.

1. Getaround App

Getaround revolutionizes transportation with its innovative car-sharing platform. Through its website, drivers seeking the perfect vehicle can easily locate and reserve vehicles from private car owners who are willing to share their rides for a fee. As of 2019, Getaround had garnered a substantial following, boasting 5 million users and a fleet of 20,000 shared cars globally.

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy signup process
  • Verification speeds up access to car browsing
  • Rent cars, trucks, convertibles, or vans for hours or days
  • Getaround Connect® technology helps locate and unlock cars via phone


  • Quick and simple
  • Positive impact on the environment
  • Safe, with insurance and driving record checks included


  • Can be more costly than competitors
  • Higher chance of user and owner dissatisfaction
  • Limited locations available

Download the Getaround app for Android and iOS.

2. Turo

Turo lets you skip the rental car counter with the world’s largest peer-to-peer car-sharing platform. With Turo, you can even start your own car-sharing business. Turo takes pride in its commitment to sustainability, offsetting 100% of its estimated global carbon emissions. This means that as you utilize their platform to grow your scalable car-sharing business or fulfill your travel aspirations, you can do so with peace of mind knowing that Turo has taken responsibility for its impact on the environment.

Key Features:

  • Turo offers car rental services in 56 countries and over 5,000 cities
  • Filter through delivery options and car features
  • Choose from 800+ car models
  • Easily communicate with the host through the app
  • Earn money as a car owner by sharing your car on Turo


  • Affordable car rental options
  • Insurance cost savings
  • Under 25 rental options
  • Smooth pick-up/drop-off process
  • Connect with local renters
  • Helpful rental reviews


  • Limited one-way rental options
  • Possibility of pick-up/drop-off inconvenience

Download the Turo app for Android and iOS.

3. Zipcar

Zipcar is available in the US, UK, Canada, Costa Rica, Iceland, Turkey, and Taiwan. Find the perfect car using their app, which will give you access to 3,000+ cars and vans throughout the globe.

Key Features:

  • Hourly or daily Zipcar reservation
  • Wide range of vehicle options (sedans, hybrids, vans, etc.)
  • Sort cars based on availability, make, and model
  • View future reservations
  • Get directions to your Zipcar
  • Locate your reserved Zipcar by honking its horn


  • Wide range of affordable car options
  • Cars are available 24/7 with constant access
  • Insurance coverage included in the rental fee
  • Toll passes and gas cards are provided in the car
  • No need to use your personal credit card for gas


  • Risk of unpleasant odors (e.g. smoke, body odor)
  • No guarantee of compliance with cleaning rules
  • Need to fill up the car before returning, with no guarantee of the previous driver doing so
  • Additional fees can accumulate with poor mileage tracking
  • Long road trips may be better served by traditional car rental companies with unlimited daily rates

Download the Zipcar app for Android and iOS.

4. carSHAiR

carSHAIR created a car-sharing platform that goes beyond just driving and ownership. The goal was to empower car owners, promote financial literacy, and give back to the community. They also donate a portion of their profits to charity.

Key Features:

  • Get access to a vehicle when and where you need it
  • Use your parked car to earn money through car sharing with carSHAiR
  • carSHAiR simplifies the process of turning your car into a source of passive income
  • As a carSHAiR member, you have access to a community of verified members and secure authentication
  • carSHAiR markets your car for you, making it easier for you to earn passive income
  • Get help and support whenever you need it with carSHAiR’s 24/7 live concierge support


  • User-friendly app
  • Accessible for non-tech savvy individuals
  • Exceptional customer support


  • Challenging photo upload process
  • 5 business days to receive payment for a completed trip
  • Long processing time for reimbursement requests
  • Only available in Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Dallas, and Atlanta

Download the carSHAiR app for Android and iOS.

5. Lyft Rentals

Lyft Rentals simplifies car rental with no paperwork or counter wait. Rent a car for any purpose, be it a weekend trip, business travel, or errands, with the flexibility offered by Lyft Rentals.

Key Features:

  • Discount for multi-day trips and new users
  • Free car upgrades
  • Automatic local gas rate charging without added fees
  • All within the Lyft app


  • Easy-to-use app for both Android and iOS users
  • Variety of vehicle options from private owners and Sixt partnership
  • Free Lyft credit to the pickup location
  • Free car accessories like car seats and ski racks
  • Unlimited mileage


  • Limited to 16 states
  • $10 Lyft credit may not fully cover transportation to the rental lot
  • Not user-friendly for non-tech people

Download the Lyft riders app for Android and iOS.

6. Uber Rent

Find the perfect car for any occasion with Uber’s rental service, powered by its partners. Choose from well-known brands, and enjoy flexible scheduling and add-ons, all at great prices, through the Uber app.

Key Features:

  • Flexible rental duration from 1 to 12 hours
  • Add or remove stops on the go, up to 5 stops at a time
  • Convenient, stress-free transportation with no parking or traffic worries
  • Book on the Uber app for short-term car rental anytime


  • The Uber car rental option offers a cost-effective solution for those who can’t afford car ownership
  • The rental partners handle all maintenance and repair needs, ensuring you a hassle-free experience. If your car breaks down, they’ll provide a replacement
  • Choose rental duration to fit your needs and rent when needed, even if you already own a car
  • Enjoy driving newer, well-maintained cars with the Uber rental program, avoiding the worries of older vehicle issues


  • Careful reading is required to avoid extra insurance or mileage charges from rental partners
  • Access to rides may be scarce in rural areas, small towns, or some cities

Download the Uber app for Android and iOS.

7. HyreCar

Rent a car for rideshare, delivery, and more with HyreCar. Drive as needed and earn on your terms with rentals for Uber, DoorDash, Instacart, and others. Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly options.

Key Features:

  • HyreCar is a top peer-to-peer car-sharing platform for gig workers
  • Book a suitable car from local owners for your rideshare or delivery work
  • Helps find new ride options during car repairs or to save personal car miles
  • Local car owners can list their vehicles and become car-sharing entrepreneurs


  • Ideal for both new and experienced gig workers
  • Gig workers can achieve financial freedom with HyreCar
  • Tons of cars to choose from


  • Can be an expensive long-term solution
  • All the cars have daily mileage limits set by owners, typically ranging from 150-300 miles
  • Car pickup/drop-off must be coordinated with the individual owner

Download the HyreCar app for Android and iOS.

8. Enterprise

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a proud American company founded on principles of honesty, integrity, and community service. Today, it’s the largest car rental business with over 8,000 global locations, offering car rental, sharing, sales, and more.

Key Features:

  • Free travel planner app for the US, Canada, Europe, and Latin America
  • Award-winning customer service
  • Vehicle options from economy to luxury car rental
  • Industry-leading cleanliness and sanitization of every rental car


  • Enterprise offers low rates for short-term car rentals
  • Over 8,000 locations worldwide with free pickup from hotel/home (not airport)
  • No hidden fees and a loyalty reward program, Enterprise Plus, is available
  • Points earned for money spent on rentals with expedited in-store service
  • Additional 10% after 6 rentals, free car upgrades for 12 and 24 rentals


  • A young driver fee of $25 may apply
  • Long-term rentals may have better deals elsewhere
  • Additional driver fee of $15 per day, except for spouse/domestic partner

Download the Enterprise app for Android and iOS.

9. Budget

Plan your trip with Budget Car Rental for savings on car rentals, with top deals, rates, and accessories. Budget, founded in 1958 in LA by Morris Mirkin, is a well-respected global car rental company known for its excellence and value.

Key Features:

  • Book, change, or cancel car rentals 24/7
  • Locate nearby Budget car rental locations with addresses and operating hours
  • Get directions to your Budget rental location
  • Fastbreak members have a single hub for all rentals
  • Get on-road support with Roadside Assistance


  • Streamlined process, no complicated steps
  • Wide range of vehicle options and customization
  • Easy profile and reservation modification


  • The app may have occasional difficulties in determining location, but restarting the app usually resolves the issue

Download the Budget app for Android and iOS.

10. Alamo

Alamo offers low car rental rates at popular destinations worldwide, with a fleet of over 150,000 cars serving 15 million travelers annually. It is the third-largest car rental company in the US.

Key Features:

  • Find rental locations and reserve a car using filters
  • View all your rentals in one place
  • Prepare for pickup with Accelerated Check-In
  • Get 24/7 support and help with FAQs


  • Simple reservation process
  • Available discounts
  • Convenient online check-in
  • Members who are part of the rewards program receive a 5% discount


  • Fees for drivers under 25
  • Credit card requirement
  • A limited number of locations, with the majority being located at airports

Download the Alamo app for Android and iOS.

11. Hertz

Hertz offers diverse car rental options and convenient locations worldwide and prioritizes customer service for all types of trips. With over 10,000 airport and neighborhood locations across 145 countries, Hertz provides quick rental access that also provides car rental franchise opportunities.

Key Features:

  • One-touch log-in feature
  • Easy navigation with menus and features tailored for mobile use
  • Save time by using previous searches to book your next car rental quickly
  • Find Hertz locations worldwide with information on hours of operation, contact details, and directions
  • Get special deals and content through Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® membership


  • Free upgrades, no extra driver fees, and more with the Hertz rewards program
  • AAA members get special discounts
  • Free pick-up and drop-off service, except at airports
  • Hertz guarantees the best rate with an extra 10% off if you find a lower rate elsewhere


  • Non-Gold Plus members pay an additional daily fee for each additional driver
  • Higher rates for shorter rentals compared to competitors
  • Reports of overcharging for gas and extras, especially in foreign locations

Download the Hertz app for Android and iOS.

The Bottom Line

There are many different car rental and vehicle-related apps available in 2023, each with its own unique features and benefits. There are even parking apps to get you an open spot without wandering around all day long. Whatever your needs may be, there is sure to be an app that meets them. From budget-friendly options to luxury services, the best car rental apps provide a convenient experience for all travelers. With so many different options, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you, but hopefully, these reviews will help you find the perfect fit.

What app lets you rent someone’s car?

Turo is a popular app that lets you rent someone’s car. It offers cars from hundreds of makes and models, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. On Turo, you can filter your search by price, location, type of vehicle, amenities, and more. You can also read reviews from past renters to get an idea of what other people think about the vehicles before renting them. With its reasonable prices and convenient services, Turo is a great option for rental car needs.

Is there an app for car rentals like Airbnb?

Yes, there are several apps that offer car rental services much like Airbnb. For instance, Getaround allows users to rent a car from people in their local community.

You can view available vehicles and book your rental instantly without having to go through a rental agency or dealership. Plus, the prices are often cheaper than traditional car rentals due to reduced overhead costs for the owner of the vehicle.

What is the easiest place to get a rental car from?

The easiest place to get rental cars is often through an online platform. Apps such as Turo and Getaround provide convenient car rental services that are often cheaper than traditional agencies. With these apps, you can view available vehicles in your area and book a rental with just a few clicks. They’ll also have reviews from past renters so you can ensure you get a quality vehicle.

What car rental fees will I pay with a car rental service and app?

When renting a car through a car rental service or app, you will typically be charged for the rental itself, which is usually calculated on a daily or weekly basis, and any additional fees such as taxes and surcharges. You may also be required to pay for insurance, fuel, and any additional equipment or services you need, such as a GPS or a child seat. Note that keeping GPS running continuously in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

How much does a car rental service and app cost?

The cost of renting a car through a car rental app or service can vary depending on various factors such as the type of vehicle, the length of the rental, and the location. However, on average, a daily rental for an economy car can cost around $30 to $40, while a more luxurious or larger vehicle can cost $70 to $100 or more per day. Keep in mind that these are just average costs and prices can fluctuate based on factors like location, availability, and time of the year.

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