Don’t Miss Your Chance at Grants of Up To $25,000

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Don't Miss Your Chance at Grants of Up To $25,000

The financial help grants provide is always more than welcomed by small business owners. However, the public and private organizations that offer these grants also want to help with the many different aspects of running a small business. Their goal is to keep these businesses running for the long run. And often times this means providing the expertise they need in areas they might need help with.

So, beyond the financial help make sure to also take advantage of the resources these grant providers are offering. If they don’t outline the help in the grant, don’t hesitate to ask. After all, they are offering free money, and giving you the expertise and knowledge you need to make you a better entrepreneur will probably be encouraged.

From Mastercard to ARPA Small Business Grant Programs, there are grants of up to $25,000 available now in communities across the US looking to help small businesses with a wide range of issues. In addition to financial help, these grants are also offering digital tools, mentorship, educational resources, and much more. Find out more and make sure to apply:

Small Business News February 17, 2023

In other small business news customers are unhappy about the $7 Chick-Fil-A cauliflower sandwich, egg prices are up again, and are you protecting the classified documents of your small business?

Customers Unhappy About New $7 Chick-Fil-A Cauliflower Sandwich

Chick-fil-A recently launched a new cauliflower sandwich but it is already attracting criticism from some customers who are complaining about the price of the new dish, according to the New York Post.

Dropbox Capture Brings New Powers to Screenshots

Anyone who shares a lot of screenshots with work colleagues and clients or in social situations will be pleased to hear about the new Dropbox Capture app. Dropbox Capture Launches Dropbox Capture enables users to record screenshots and videos, mark them up, and invite others to comment and markup through a shareable link that doesn’t require a sign-in.

Senator Tells Biden to Cut Greenhouse Gas Regulations on Small Businesses

President Biden has recently been called upon to rescind a newly-proposed rule that increases burdensome and costly greenhouse gas emissions requirements on small businesses competing for federal contracts.

Amazon Marketplace Sellers Confess to Blu-Ray and DVD Price Fixing Scheme

Two sellers on Amazon marketplace have pleaded guilty to price fixing DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs after being accused of selling products at collusive and non-competitive prices. Guilty Plea in Blu-Ray and DVD Price Fixing Scheme Bruce Fish of Hayfield, Minnesota, and Victor Btesh of Brooklyn, New York, both admitted to conspiring to fix prices through their companies on the Amazon marketplace.

Egg Prices Higher Again, Up 150% Over Last Year

Egg prices continued to climb in January, according to Tuesday’s update to the Consumer Price Index. Eggs are up 13.5% in price over the last month. They’re 150% more expensive now than they were at this time last year, the data shows. The average price for a dozen Grade A eggs is at $4.82. At this time last year, they were $1.92.

How Bruce Jackson Went from the “NYC Projects” to Microsoft Counsel

Have you ever sat back and been surprised about where you ended up professionally in life when you consider where you started? I certainly have since the first thing I wanted to be was a rabbi and then a lawyer (and never came close to either of those!).

How to Pick Gifts that Match Your Brand

Corporate gifting is an excellent way to connect with your clients beyond the conference room, but the gifts you offer may depend on your brand archetype. How to Pick Gifts that Match Your Brand It can also be difficult to dedicate enough time to identify the ideal gift for each unique client, but corporate gifting service Regards might be able to help.

Is Your Business Protecting Its Classified Documents?

We’ve seen people in America’s highest positions struggle with keeping classified documents in safe and secure locations recently. Now, while your business may not have any documents in its possession that could contain keys to national security, it likely does have some documents and other materials that you don’t want just anyone seeing.

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