Best WordPress Maintenance Services (2023)

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Website maintenance services are integral for websites of all kinds. This includes blogs, eCommerce shops, and personal websites.

Over several years, the Small Business Bonfire team and I have created and managed WordPress websites for small and large-scale companies.

If you do not take WordPress maintenance services seriously, you can experience security lapses, outdated formatting, and poor SEO performance.

Therefore, I have created this blog post containing the best WordPress maintenance service options for new and experienced WordPress users.

What are WordPress Maintenance Services?

WordPress maintenance services include all the upkeep and care you need to keep your website running smoothly and securely.

Maintenance services help ensure that WordPress sites are updated with the latest security patches, plugins, themes, and overall performance/UI optimization.

Depending on the type of WordPress website you own (blog, eCommerce shop, personal site, etc.), WordPress services can also involve regular content updates, fixing broken links, uptime monitoring, unlimited edits, performance optimization (SEO, loading times, and overall site health).

Common Cost of WordPress Maintenance

The cost of WordPress maintenance services varies greatly depending on your WordPress website’s complexity, size, and features.

Some services charge based on a website’s monthly recurring revenue, while others only charge based on the support tickets a user submits.

For basic WordPress platforms (small blogs or personal sites), you may be looking at a monthly fee ranging from $30 to $50.

If you have an eCommerce store or complex website, you may need WordPress maintenance services that cost anywhere from $60 – $100+ per month.

The cost of a WordPress maintenance service also depends on the service provider.

Some WordPress providers offer discounts for yearly contracts, while others offer free WordPress services when you sign up.

WordPress Maintenance Benefits

Increased Customer Satisfaction

WordPress maintenance services can significantly improve customer satisfaction.

By regularly maintaining and updating your website, you ensure that it’s secure, up-to-date, and able to provide users with a seamless experience.

A seamless experience will make customers more likely to return and recommend your website, thus increasing your customer satisfaction rate.

Additionally, continually updating your website ensures all your contact information is correct, and customers can always reach out to you if they need to.

A maintenance service that includes deleting spam comments and uptime monitoring is necessary so customers have the best experience on your site.

Increased Sales

Regular WordPress maintenance services keep your WordPress website functional and provide visitors with an improved user experience.

When your site is functional, it can lead to more conversions and increased sales.

When WordPress platforms are properly maintained, they offer better SEO performance, faster loading times, and fewer errors.

Also, when customers have a good experience on your WordPress site, they’re likely to stay longer, look at more pages, and make more purchases.

WordPress maintenance services can also help you stay ahead of competitors by ensuring you always have the latest version control of WordPress plugins and themes installed.

These services will guarantee that users enjoy a modern experience on your WordPress website and are likely to remain loyal customers.

Better WordPress Security

WordPress maintenance services will help you maintain better WordPress security.

Maintaining WordPress security is essential to prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information and damaging your WordPress site.

WordPress maintenance services can include regular daily backups, malware scans, uptime monitoring, and installing security plugins.

It’s also important to keep WordPress up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates to prevent potential hacking attempts.

Little to No Website Downtime

WordPress maintenance services can also help ensure that your WordPress experiences minimal or no downtime.

Website downtime is something WordPress owners dread because it means loss of revenue and customers for their websites.

However, WordPress maintenance services can reduce downtime by identifying potential issues before they become major problems and keeping WordPress up-to-date.

These services also ensure that your WordPress website is backed up regularly, so you can quickly restore it should something go wrong.

What’s Included in WordPress Maintenance Packages?

Plugin Updates

One of the key services WordPress maintenance packages include is regular plugin updates.

Plugins are essential to WordPress and must be updated regularly to ensure they remain secure and functional.

WordPress maintenance services will ensure that all plugins used on your site are up-to-date and compatible with the latest WordPress version.

When plugins are not updated, they may not function as designed, leading to a poor customer experience.

SSL Monitoring

SSL is an encryption protocol used to secure WordPress websites.

WordPress maintenance packages often include SSL monitoring servicesessential for WordPress security.

SSL monitoring service will detect any vulnerabilities with your WordPress site’s SSL certificate and ensure the certificate remains valid.

Detecting security vulnerabilities helps protect your website from cyberattacks and keeps your customers’ data safe.

Security Checks

WordPress maintenance packages often include security checks that help to keep websites secure and up-to-date.

Security checks look for WordPress vulnerabilities, detect any malicious content or code on your website, and review the WordPress core files to ensure they are not corrupted.

These security checks also check the WordPress database for potential issues and make sure WordPress is properly configured and working correctly.

Weekly/Daily Backups

WordPress maintenance packages often include automated weekly or daily backups.

Backing up WordPress is essential for restoring a website in an emergency, such as hacking attempts or system failure.

WordPress maintenance services can quickly create full WordPress backups and store them safely, so you can always be prepared if something goes wrong with WordPress.

Security Audits

WordPress maintenance packages often include security audits, essential to protect a website’s data and customer information.

Security audits help WordPress owners identify potential vulnerabilities and take necessary steps to secure WordPress.

Security audits can also review WordPress user accounts, detect malware, and check WordPress core files.

Our Top WordPress Maintenance Companies for 2023

Every year, the best WordPress maintenance services change.

Therefore, the SBB team and I continually test and review these services to provide you with the most up-to-date information.

I have reviewed and ranked each of these companies by pros and cons, pricing, key features, and distinguishing factors.

Here are the best WordPress maintenance services of 2023!

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