5 Places to Get Wood Carving Supplies for Your Business

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wood carving supplies

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Wood carving is a fulfilling and beautiful craft that can work as a successful business. Many businesses have found success in offering different types of wood carving projects to customers and opening their shop. However, creating beautiful carvings requires using essential tools, and we’ve found some of the best places to purchase your wood carving supplies.

The Woodcrafts Market in 2023

Many types of wood carving categories are available, including chip carving, relief carving, and other carving techniques you can use to create amazing products that customers keep coming back for. Wood carving and woodworking projects can be an easy way to turn projects into a business. You can offer a unique customer experience in the handmade goods market with wood carving, and there is undoubtedly a lot of demand for handmade woodcrafts.

Top Places to Buy Wood Carving Supplies

Having the right tools is key if you want to start your own shop and sell your wood carving pieces. There are many great places if you’re shopping for these tools and plenty of categories to choose from. Let’s look at some of the top places to purchase wood carving tools.

1. Amazon

Amazon is the perfect place to browse for tools and add everything you need to your cart to get started with wood carving. You can find all the tools you need on Amazon across different categories all in one place, making it easy for beginners looking to get started. Plus, Amazon’s fast shipping means you will get your tools quickly.

2. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where you can find a wide variety of wood carving tools. Product categories include tools like chisels, branding irons, whittling knives, and other types of carving knives. In addition, you can use the product filters to find relevant tools to add to your cart and support other small businesses when shopping on Etsy.

3. TreelineUSA

TreelineUSA is a company that has a wide selection of wood carving tools that can be used for a hobby project or for business. You can sort through the site using their filters to find tools for traditional and hand carving at a great price. Their range includes knives for whittling and carving tools. TreelineUSA also has other tools such as chisels, sharpening tools, patterns, and books to learn new techniques.

4. Wood Carvers Supply Inc

Wood Carvers Supply Inc is a brand that has been around for a long time and has plenty to offer when it comes to carving tools. It’s an excellent place for both beginners and professionals since its collection of products includes a vast range of items at a competitive price point. Categories include carving knives for whittling, relief carving, and shaders to get all the fine details in your carving.

5. Schaaf Wood Carving Tools

Schaaf has plenty of options for beginner carvers and more advanced carvers. You can search on their site and find plenty of tools to add to your cart, including chisels, whittling tools, mallets, and even safety tools such as gloves. The brand has a great collection of carving tools to make each project fun and safe, as well as advice on how to carve wood.

Essential Wood Carving Supply

If you are ready to carve wood, here are some of the key carving tools you’ll need to get the right appearance and look for your carving:

Carving Knives

Carving knives are needed to shape your carving and are available in many shapes and sizes. You can whittling knives to carve out the fine details or a thicker knife to round out and shape the carving.


A gouge is a tool shaped like a scoop of a spoon, as it has curved edges. You can use wood carving tools like gouges to create hollows in the wood, including deep hollows and shallow hollows, to create the best shape.


Chisels are a crucial tool for wood carving needed by both beginners and experienced carvers. Chisels are used to dig into the wood and create the right shape and appearance of the wood. There is a large variety of chisels to choose from for your piece, depending on what kind of look you want to achieve when carving by hand.

Wood Carving Tools for Business

Many more wood carving tools are available depending on the type of piece you are creating. You can find a wide selection of carving tools that will make the process fun, and many of these tools are not very expensive in price.


Burrs are an important wood carving tool as they are used for removing wood. Burrs are more of a power tool and have abrasive features to quickly and smoothly remove wood from the piece you are carving.

Veiner or V-tool

A V-tool is needed for creating shapes such as a V in the wood. The tool enables you to create consistent and precise V-shapes in the wood. You might also see these products referred to as V-gouges.

Safety equipment

Whether you are undertaking chip carving, relief carving, or anything else, having the right safety equipment is key to protecting yourself. Even simple safety equipment such as cut-resistant gloves can make a big difference in protecting yourself as you start to carve more.

Leather Strop Kit

A leather strop kit keeps your carving tool such as a chisel or a knife, sharp and ready to use. Strop kits can be used by a beginner as well as an advanced wood carver as a way to ensure knives and chisels are sharp enough for carving.

What Is the Most Important Wood Carving Tool?

There are many essential tools needed for carving wood and creating a beautiful finished product. The most crucial wood carving tool is a chisel, as it can be used to create defined, beautiful shapes in the wood.

Are Wood Carving Businesses Profitable?

Wood carving businesses have the potential to be very successful. If you can find the right price point for your carvings and create unique handmade products, there is definitely a customer base that will purchase carvings from your shop.

Where Is the Best Place to Find Wholesale Carving Tools for Wood?

The best place to find wholesale carving tools at a great price is an online shop such as Wood Carvers Supply Inc. They have a variety of categories to sort and browse, including search filters to help you find the right tool. You can add products to your cart easily, and have shipped to you in no time.


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