Gwen Riedl on leadership coaching

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Gwen Riedl leadership coaching

Gwen Riedl on leadership coaching – Blog

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Our special guest, Gwen Riedl kicks off the Coach Me To Lead show by sharing her expertise in leadership development. She discusses cutting-edge curriculum, the Leadership XO Playbook Series and how the implementation of this series can set up or even tune up your company’s leadership system.


Gwen came to in 2015, just as she was beginning to launch her own leadership coaching and consulting business. She had just left a career of more than 25 years in the corporate world where she delivered and managed leadership development programs. Now she has a thriving business creating custom-designed programs for leaders at all levels.

In addition to her individual and corporate clients, Gwen manages blended leadership development programs for Harvard Business Publishing. She oversees all elements of designing and delivering corporate learning programs for many global companies. This role puts her at the cutting edge of world class business management research and thought leadership, so she sees challenges leaders face firsthand.

Gwen has a master’s degree in training and development from the University of Minnesota and multiple certifications to teach and facilitate professional development tools and products.

She is a credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation, the largest credentialing organization for trained, professional coaches in the world.

In her time with, she’s developed relationships with several coaches, including Kendra and Donita Brown. A couple of years ago, the three of them discovered a shared passion for leadership development and created the Leadership XO Playbook Series. It is a set of six books that guide leaders through exercises to help them set up or tune up their leadership systems. They are very excited to bring this body of work to as a curriculum for leaders that is very accessible and effective in a group coaching format.

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