Entenmann’s Brings Back Classic Packaging After Rampant Customer Complaints

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entenmann's brings back classic packaging

Entenmann’s, a baked goods company based in New Jersey, has brought back their iconic “window packaging” after receiving customer complaints about a change in their packaging design. The company had switched to a new packaging design that did not feature the clear window, according to a Fox report, which allowed customers to see the product inside.

Entenmann’s, which is owned by Bimbo Bakeries USA, had made the change to the packaging in order to reduce plastic waste. However, the new design was met with criticism from customers who claimed that the lack of a window made it difficult to see what was inside the package.

In response to the feedback, Entenmann’s has decided to bring back the window packaging for their most popular products. The decision was made after a survey found that 92% of customers preferred the window packaging.

This situation serves as a lesson for small businesses that may be considering a packaging redesign or rebranding. While changes to packaging or branding can be a way to refresh a company’s image and stay current, it is important to consider the impact on customers. In some cases, a change that is intended to be more environmentally friendly or modern may not be well-received by customers, leading to negative feedback and potentially lost sales.

In fact, according to a study by WestRock, a packaging company, 52% of customers say they’ve changed their buying habits based on product packaging changes. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to consider the wants and needs of their customers before making any major changes to their packaging or branding.

Entenmann’s decision to bring back their window packaging also highlights the importance of listening to customer feedback and responding to their concerns. By taking the time to understand and address the concerns of their customers, Entenmann’s was able to improve their packaging and strengthen their relationship with their customer base.

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