Malica Ahmad on coaching and mentoring high-performance teams

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Malica Ahmad

Malica Ahmad on coaching and mentoring high-performance teams – Blog

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In the third episode of Coach Me To Lead, our special guest, Malica shares about:

  • Tiny habits,
  • coaching and mentoring teams,
  • her work at Accenture,
  • combining Accenture and, and
  • the HCC program.

Malica Ahmad is an Atlanta-based coach who serves as lead instructor for aspiring habit coaches through the Habit Coach Certification program. At Accenture,  one of the world’s largest professional services firms, she gets to wear her tech/design hat while leading, coaching, and mentoring high-performance teams that create impactful digital experiences for clients worldwide.

She’s passionate about personal development  (John Maxwell is one of her favorite authors ) and believes the most effective teams have leaders who listen deeply, ask great questions and weave psychological safety into their team’s DNA. Malica is also a  Certified Tiny Habits Coach and loves helping people transform their most important health-related goals and intentions into consistent action with the smallest of steps.

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