A Story of Hope and Survival: How Frank Guirlinger’s American Dream turned into a Nightmare

by Creating Change Mag
Frank Guirlinger

Frank Guirlinger was a business executive and entrepreneur at the top of his game until July 23, 2015, when he went from living the American dream, as he says, to living one of life’s worst possible nightmares.

A spinal cord infection (abscess) that was mistaken for strained back muscles constricted around Frank’s spinal cord and left him paralyzed.

His medical care has cost a fortune—a topic worth a whole book of its own, no doubt. And now he’s raising money not only for his own care but in the hopes of finding ways to help others in his situation.

So, what was going through Frank’s mind as the severity of his situation set in? What were the doctors saying and how did he deal with that? Check out the conversation with Frank and StartupNation’s Jeff Sloan in the clip below.

Frank’s story is full of pain and anguish, of faith and hard work, and, ultimately, a story of wisdom and hope.

To support his continued therapy, check out https://helphopelive.org/campaign/16189/

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