Shari Walker – Soulful Adulting

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Shari Walker Soulful Adulting

In this episode with Shari, we talked about:

  • Shari doesn’t like the status quo
  • Een internships last only for three months and you learn a lot
  • Fellowships are also a great way to get experience with mentors
  • Do informational interviews with people that work at the company.
  • Think holistic where you want to be, not just the money.
  • Figure out the hours you are expected to work to learn if it is in line with your life.
  • Working three jobs to keep the job that she loved.
  • Learn the skills, so you can get paid what your skills are worth.
  • Have enough energy to explore what resonates with your soul.
  • Apply for unconventional jobs
  • Bridging the gap between what you have done to what you are going to do next.
  • Soulful adulting is a holistic way of looking at personal and career development.
  • More opportunities and use the skills to help other people.
  • Soulful adulting is about living a life that resonates with your soul on a heart, mind, and strength level. It is about being able to harmonize personal, professional, and spiritual aspect that aligns with your core values and your authentic self.
  • Soulful strategies for personal and professional growth.

The two videos that we mentioned:

Shari Walker on Soulful Adulting. Helping You To Find The Spark To Inspire Your Soul.

Shari Walker is your personal strategist, coach, and friend on this journey of career growth and self-discovery. She is Career Empowerment Strategist and Certified Habit Coach who was once foster-care child, now thriving advocate for breaking free from the status quo, redefining success on your own terms, and exploring unconventional holistic paths to career fulfillment and personal growth in holistic ways using the roadmap of holistic strategies, resources, tools, and tips, affirming mantras, the uplifting power of supportive community, inspiring coaching, and insightful guidance. She has worn many hats, walked many paths, and painted vibrant, one-of-a-kind “Canvas of Opportunities”.  Now, she can’t wait to help individuals paint their own holistic career and personal development journey!

You can find Shari here:

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