Unleashed Brands Provides Adventurous Experiences for Families

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Unleashed Brands Provides Adventurous Experiences for Families

There are many ways to provide activities and entertainment for families. And Unleashed Brands aims to help kids stay active and have fun in a variety of ways. Ginamarie Soto is a franchisee with the company. She operates multiple businesses primarily out of Midland, Texas. Her franchises include Urban Air Adventure Park, The Little Gym, and XP League, all in Midland, TX, as well as Urban Air Adventure Park of Jackson, MS. Read about her journey and the Unleashed Brands mission in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the Business Does

Provides fun experiences for families.

Soto told Small Business Trends, “As part of the Unleashed Brands family, we’re all about creating awesome experiences for families and kids in local communities. Think of us as your go-to destination for non-stop fun, offering a wide range of family and children’s entertainment options!

“Urban Air Adventure Park is like an indoor adventure wonderland for everyone, regardless of age. Then, there’s The Little Gym, where younger kids can enjoy activities such as parent/child classes, kids’ dance, and gymnastics, all designed to promote physical development and boost confidence. And let’s not forget about XP League – a coach-led competitive gaming league that bridges the gap between athletics and esports, helping kids develop crucial life skills.”

Business Niche

Providing an array of experiences for all kids.

Soto says, “While our competitors may excel in one area or another, we take pride in providing a diverse range of experiences under one roof, making us the go-to choice for families.”

How the Business Got Started

To provide opportunities for her own child.

Soto adds, “It all began with a simple desire. I wanted my little guy to have access to amazing experiences right here in my home community. So, back in 2020, I decided to open The Little Gym. It was all about giving my son and other kids in the area a chance to have a blast while learning and growing. You could say I went all out in “spoiling” my son with fun and learning!”

Biggest Win

Recovering from the pandemic.

Soto says, “After facing a significant drop in memberships during the pandemic, we were able to get our membership numbers back to where they were before the crisis hit. It was a testament to our resilience and the support of our community. It was about adapting, being flexible, and making sure we continued to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for kids and families.”

Biggest Risk

Expanding with a new brand.

Soto explains, “The biggest risk I believe we took was venturing into the world of competitive gaming with XP League. It was a leap into a new territory, but it also presented an incredible opportunity. If it had gone wrong, we might have faced financial setbacks and struggled to establish ourselves in esports.

“However, it paid off. And the result was XP League has been a fantastic addition to the success and growth I’ve had as a multi-unit, multi-brand owner. I credit the success of opening XP League of Midland to the incredible support Unleashed Brands offers to its franchisees expanding their brand portfolio.”

How They’d Spend an Extra $100,000

Expanding even further.

Soto says, “If there was an extra $100,000, I would seize the opportunity to open another branch of The Little Gym. It’s all about expanding our reach and providing more families with the chance to experience the joy and growth that our programs offer.”

Favorite Quote

Soto says, “My favorite quote my father told me daily when he was building his businesses is this… “You only live once, don’t have regrets nor fear, accomplish the risk!”

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