Bát Tràng Museum Rebrand

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Bát Tràng Museum Rebrand

Established by National Artist V? ??c Th?ng, the Bát Tràng Museum is the government’s first licensed museum in the village. Originally named ‘H?n ??t Vi?t’ (Viet’s Ceramic Soul), it celebrates Th?ng’s legacy, notably marked by his Guinness Record-winning creation of 12 authentic pottery boats. His innovative techniques, including color-changing ceramic glaze and intricate sculpting, define his contemporary works.

Our branding strategy honors Th?ng’s artistry, renaming the museum and employing a unique typeface inspired by pottery details. We crafted a cohesive visual system, uniting diverse artworks through clean photography and a signature pottery silhouette. The design, influenced by museum layout, reflects heritage and contemporaneity.

Collaboratively, our goal was to modernize the Bát Tràng Museum while preserving its rich heritage.

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