Thernon Short Film Festival

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Thernon Short Film Festival

Thernon (??????) is a nomadic short film festival featuring mainly Greek directors that travels to remote locations, such as small vineyards, ancient ruins, and secret gardens. Inspired by the festival’s constant movement and Odysseus’ journey to Ithaca, Thernon’s identity emphasizes topos, the locality of each place. The festival’s title is written in Apla, an old Greek serif typeface commonly used for poetry publications in the Greek editorial industry over the past few decades, while the general description is written in Monument Grotesk, a sans serif typeface, highlighting the contrast between poetic locality and neutrality. Rows of blurry and noisy typography symbolize the essence of cinema, conveying the moving frames, the director’s focused gaze, and the festival’s movement from location to location. Lowercase letters represent the length of films showcased at the festival. In 2022, Thernon traveled to Ithaca and Aitoliko, two small islands in the south of Greece.

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