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InSpace Creative started from “Zero” with diverse and distinct pieces, harmoniously maturing and blending in a creative space, sharing ideals and passion, daring to challenge limits, and always craving to find the right creative solutions for clients, partners, and the community.

Over the 5 years creative journey, InSpace Creative has overcome many challenges, diligently seeking a balance between art and commerce, creativity and logic. A balance between originality and flexibility, individual and collective, values and compromises.

The artworks with a strong personal touch created by each member of InSpace below, applied to everyday products, are a meaningful gift that we want to send to clients, partners, and all InSpace members who have journeyed and shared this significant journey with us over the past 5 years. This is not just a milestone; once again, it marks the beginning of the next years of InSpace on this colorful creative path.

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