Personal Space

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Personal Space

In our latest series, “Personal Space,” we delve into the evolving landscape of the modern workplace, inspired by a New York Times article on large companies encouraging employees to personalize their office spaces to draw them back post-pandemic. This project emerged from the profound shifts we’ve all experienced in our professional lives, highlighting the blend of home and office environments.

To bring this vision to life, we purchased a standard office cubicle, transforming it into five distinct conceptual spaces, each reflecting a unique story of personal identity and professional adaptation. Each image in this series serves as a narrative, portraying how employees reclaim their workspaces with creativity, making them not just places of productivity but extensions of their homes and personalities.

Our goal with “Personal Space” is to capture the essence of this transitional period, where the line between work and home blurs, and the cubicle becomes a way to tell a story.

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